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Historic Route of the First World War


30 Km 4 hours Low

Historic Route of the First World War (Sky-Blue Route)


Jesolo-Cavallino coast-Punta Sabbioni

An easy itinerary to discover some of the most famous historical sites in the Lagoon. Along the Cavallino coastline you can admire the systems of coastal fortifications built to defend Venice during Austrian domination and then during the two world wars. An exciting ride that becomes a history lesson in an open-air museum, where cyclists experience first-hand some fascinating monuments that tell the story of the conflicts of the twentieth century. From the telemetry towers to the Amalfi, Vettor Pisani and San Marco coastal gun batteries, from which artillery attacks were launched during the war, to Vecchio Fortress on the port of Punta Sabbioni, known as Forte Treporti Fortress, built to protect the Venetian lagoon. Mandracio and Ca’ Pasquali barracks are also worth seeing along the way.

What to see

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Type of terrain

Primarily asphalt, some dirt track stretches


Route 10-Sky-Blue Jesolo.


Ideal in spring and on summer afternoons.

Recommended bike: mountain bikes, e-bikes, city bikes.

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