Gira Tagliamento

A tour amidst nature and history.

Gira Tagliamento is a cycle path connecting Bevazzana, just outside Bibione, with San Michele al Tagliamento and, for fitter cyclists, with the old village of Alvisopoli. A dirt cycle path that runs along the banks of the Tagliamento River, and becomes an evocative journey to discover an intact, natural environment which, like the river that crosses it, is unique in Europe. Flowing from the Alps to the Adriatic, its 177 km-long riverbed is fed by the snows and abundant rainfall of the Carnia mountains. Unlike most Italian and European rivers, the Tagliamento has preserved its environmental features along most of the river, and its geomorphological and ecological pattern is a resource of paramount value. Its thick vegetation of alders, ferns and willows is a sign of the convergence of the continental and the Mediterranean climate. Moorhens and mallards live among the water lentils and marsh reeds of this river environment.

When you arrive at San Michele al Tagliamento, cross the bridge and continue towards San Giorgio al Tagliamento. From the embankment, you can admire the remains of Villa Mocenigo - Ivancich, a Venetian villa designed in 1500 by the architect Longhena, where a great love story unfolded between the American writer Ernest Hemingway and Countess Adriana Ivancich.

Follow the river bend and then take the state road leading to Portogruaro to reach Alvisopoli, a village built between the 18th and 19th centuries by the Venetian nobleman, Alvise Mocenigo who, at the beginning of the 19th century, started a project to restore his vast estates. Inspired by the Enlightenment, he used typical Venetian architecture to develop the settlement around his manor house. In addition to the church, the stables and the forest, you can also admire some buildings, which were once used for residential, agro-industrial and public purposes.

Suitable for experienced mountain bikers, who are warned to avoid the hottest hours in the summer months. Open all year round, it is an excellent opportunity to discover Bibione’s hinterland.

Length: 40 km;
Difficulty: medium. A mountain bike is recommended;
Duration: about 4 hours.