On two wheels, infinite freedom

Choose to tour an area by bicycle and spend a relaxing holiday in complete freedom, no clock watching, just following your natural rhythm, and totally immerse yourself in nature. A freedom you can feel everywhere at Cavallino-Treporti, the European Capital of "Open Air" Tourism, especially in its accommodation facilities, in those cutting-edge campsites that, surrounded by the embrace of lush vegetation, overlook the beach and the sea. A charming strip of land where riding your bicycle you will discover the true soul of the land, reach less crowded places and cross enchanting landscapes with unique panoramas, through the 4 cycle paths suitable for all.

Routes and itineraries will allow you to admire the bright blue sea lapping the golden sandy beaches, the numerous marshes home to hundreds of bird species, the fishermen's houses clinging to the river banks from which the typical, suspended fishing nets are dropped and the luxuriant countryside. With its almost perfect geometric shapes, the countryside provides those seasonal vegetables that you may find in local Venetian cuisine, together with orchards and greenhouses, perfect places to stop and buy a refreshing fruit juice. A corner of paradise to follow according to nature's heartbeat and gaze into the endless horizon.

Welcome to Cavallino-Treporti, where nature is still unpolluted and man has understood for centuries that here the tides regulate the pace of life.




Cavallino-Treporti by bike: recommended routes and itineraries