The Litoranea Veneta waterway and the Casoni at Prati Novi

The Litoranea Veneta waterway and the Casoni at Prati Novi, where you can see as far as the mountain

This is a route full of charm, which begins on the cycle path as soon as you leave Bibione. On the left, among the bushes, you can glimpse a wonderful patch of pink on the surface of the water, a flock of flamingos sheltering in the Valgrande and Vallesina fishing valleys. Continue westwards from the access bridge to Bibione, and take an asphalted road flanking the Litoranea Veneta waterway and the uncontaminated lagoon habitat of Valgrande and Vallesina on one side, and the meadows and paddyfields of Terzo Bacino, where a century-long rural civilization continues to this day.
Surrounded by silent countryside, this trail reaches the casoni at Prati Novi via a dirt road. You simply have to stop here not only to admire all the charm of the casoni (typical fishermen huts), but also to let your eyes wander over the lagoon waters, scattered with moorhens and herons, between flowing water edged with sandbanks and reeds, which the fishermen used to build the roofs of the casoni. The snow-capped peaks of the Pre-Alps provide the perfect background. This route is suitable for everyone and can be travelled by city bike or mountain bike. Remember to avoid the hottest hours of the day and always bring water with you.

Length: 23 km round trip;
Difficulty: low;
Duration: about 3 hours depending on your pace.