The Lecceta Woods

A green lung in the heart of the resort

An enchanting itinerary to discover an original forest of great environmental value, whose scents are reminiscent of mountain fragrances, where, as you go on, the sultry heat gives way to a refreshing breeze.
The dirt and beaten earth track are not difficult, so the route is suitable for all types of bikes, for aficionados and families with children alike. An almost unexpected, natural corner in the heart of the Veneto beach: entering from via Brenta, the route branches off immediately into two paths, both leading to via delle Nazioni. As you cross wooden bridges, you can admire not only maritime pines, oaks, holm oaks, primroses, wild asparagus, heather, but also a picturesque pond.
There are numerous varieties of orchids, such as the Minor Orchid, the Mottled Orchid and the Common Twayblade. But that’s not all. The area is also important for the presence of Fairy Flax, which only grows on sandy shores. Its long, silver, feathery, branched stems make it easy to find.