The Adriatic Promenade

The longest cycle path in the Northern Adriatic.

Take a ride along the beach, breathing in the salty air mixed with the scent of Mediterranean flora.
At dawn, head to the mouth of the Tagliamento river and from the lighthouse start along the free stretch of the cycle path that runs along the beach, which leads to Piazzale Zenith. Take a break at one of the many bars overlooking the sea and then set off again to ride alongside sandy dunes and shady pine forests to reach the Mediterranean garden. This is a strip of sand, where a lagoon environment with its distinctive scent has been recreated and where seawaters mix with the lagoon. The 8-kilometre long, car-free cycle path along Bibione seafront is a route of enchanting beauty. Open all year round and suitable for all ages, with gentle ups and downs for added sparkle and fun, the Adriatic Promenade is the most attractive way to visit and reach the coast, thanks to the many entry points to the beach and the racks to park your bicycle.

Length: 8 + 8 Km;
Difficulty: none, it is suitable for any type of bike;
Duration: about 1 hour