Brussa and ValleVecchia

The infinite magic of land and sea

The new boat service connecting Bibione to Brussa and ValleVecchia is the real novelty of the 2019 season for bike enthusiasts. Just jump on your bike and cross the quiet lagoon waters to visit one of the largest coastal dune systems in Italy: ValleVecchia. Also described by the American writer Ernest Hemingway in his book "Across the River and into the Trees", ValleVecchia is an island stretching for about 9 km along the Veneto coast between Bibione and Caorle. Surrounded by water from the lagoon, river and sea, it still preserves its almost natural integrity thanks to one of the largest stretches of non-urbanized beach in the upper Adriatic. Characterized by sandy dunes, beaches, pinewoods, ponds and cultivated fields, it is one of those rare places, where you can still observe the typical fauna of sandy coasts, as well as many endemic species due to its particular geographical position, which makes it is a sort of "middle earth" between East and West. Ornithologists have recorded more than 150 bird species: a sort of open-air avifauna sanctuary, where you can easily spot swans, herons and hawks, black-winged stilts and anatids in general. Its facilities include a nature museum and educational trails, which will make an interesting, educational trip for you and your children.

Instead of taking a boat, there is a cycle bridge along the Taglio canal at Prati Nuovi directly connecting Bibione to Brussa and ValleVecchia.
Along the way, you can taste local food and wine specialties in cozy inns, trattorias and taverns scattered between Brussa and ValleVecchia.

Length: about 50 km round trip;
Difficulty: a mountain bike and some training are recommended;
Duration: approximately a full day.