About Us

United to tell about fascinating bike routes suitable for all

If we think of our beautiful beaches, the extraordinary lagoon environments, the river twists and turns which transform into charming paths through nature, the surrounding green countryside, where rows of fruit trees and vines make for a pleasant break, the fascinating, ancient villages, the archeological remains testifying to the glories of the Roman Empire, the "little Venice on dry land" and the great wine and food tradition of the Veneto region, all this explains why our area is one of the favourite tourist destinations for Italian and foreign cyclists.

This is why we decided to create a new Product Club, a new Business Network to promote the Cycle Tourism Product along the entire Venetian coastline between Bibione and Cavallino-Treporti named VODCE - Eastern Veneto Cycle Tourism Destination of Excellence.
This new product is for all two-wheel enthusiasts, to encourage a form of sustainable tourism, which values the natural, cultural, historic and environmental landscapes of the Veneto region. We are convinced that one can only experience the authentic feeling leading to the discovery of new lands by taking a slow, sensorial approach from the seat of a bike.
We are 26 networking companies and together we have created this guide containing a great number of superb tourist routes and full itineraries for all. The guide is complete with maps, photo galleries and points of interest to describe kilometres of coastline and a journey to take, even split into sections, to enjoy the landscapes and scenery that only the Veneto coast can offer.

Each time you choose to ride your bicycle instead of driving a car for visiting our tourist destinations you help us preserve our environment and air quality.
So, thank you for all the help you will give us!